New iPhone

New iPhone 3G

New iPhone 3G

Well the first thing I did after getting back to Oz was get the new 3G iPhone. I’ve had the first generation iPhone since the start of the year when I bought it on eBay cracked and ready to go. It was an amazing device, and while not perfect (what phone is?), it was the one I’ve found in the myriad of phones I’ve owned that pissed me off the least. Actually I enjoyed using it. The only drama I had was that Australia had crappy support in their plans for data on GPRS. Ten bucks for 5MB a month? Get stuffed! So I eagerly looked forward to a 3G version. So while I was on deployment this year, the sequel to the Jesus Phone was released. Let’s call it Jesus II:The Reckoning.
So hear I sit, listening to Elastica on my headphones, while I type this blog entry on the device. I love the speed of the net on it (I now have a generous 500MB a month to use), the GPS, and the brilliant App Store.
If you don’t have one, I suggest you throw away that crappy Motorola (yes, it sucks as much as you suspect), and get yourself one of these. It’s a web browser, iPod Touch, GPS, utility device (calculator, iTunes remote, TV Guide, etc), games machine, and it even makes phone calls!
That’s gold!

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