Canon 50D

Canon 50D with 24-105mm f4.0L

Canon 50D with 24-105mm f4.0L

Well it arrived today, after only ordering it yesterday morning: my new Canon 50D camera. I also grabbed an extra battery and the battery grip for it as well.

Well what can I say? First thing I noticed is the new 3in screen on the back, with an improved resolution of 640×480, giving excellent previews to photos. The body is larger than my old 350D, but feels around the same weight. The layout of the buttons is intuitive, and I’ll be taking my time learning what they all do. Once I worked out how to change the shot from single to burst (two speeds), I gave it a go. The camera clacked away like a machine gun ( love the sound it makes), putting my old Canon to shame. This shutter is very fast. The readout is mounted on top of the camera, just by the shutter release, and provides a quick view of all your settings. One thing I noticed playing with it in aperture priority is the ISO constantly adjusted itself. I was able to turn this off, but this is a very welcome feature indeed when you want a fixed shutter and aperture but don’t have the time to constantly adjust ISO for light changes.

I still have a lot more to learn about this camera, and I will be getting stuck into it over the next few days. This is very exciting for me, and will also give me the flexibility of two bodies (and also two flashes and different lenses), which is something I’ve always wanted.

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