iPod Shuffle 3G

This is my first documented unboxing, and I’ve decided to take this chance to show you my new 4GB iPod Shuffle 3G.
After a couple of dramas getting it (thanks TNT!), a rather disgruntled delivery guy dropped it off just moments ago. The box it was delivered in was big enough to hold about a dozen Shuffles. I kid you not! The plastic box it comes in is around the size of a square pack of cigarettes, and looks very lonely in the large cardboard packaging from Apple. The first three photos show how the devices is packed away. The front shows the Shuffle, along with the headphone control that is attached to the cord of the right earpiece. There is also a very short USB dongle with a 3.5mm jack on the end for charging and data synchronisation. There are also two Apple stickers and a sparse instruction manual.



The Shuffle itself is tiny, and you can see it is just a little bigger than two 5c coins. I’ve also had mine laser engraved with “Certified: DRM Free”, because that’s how I roll. My other laser engraving efforts have been “This iPod is 65% pr0n free” and “Don’t Panic” in homage to the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy.

This makes my 7th iPod type device, following on from:
iPod 3G 20GB
iPod Video 60GB
iPod Classic 160GB
iPhone 8Gb
iPhone 3G 16Gb
iPod Shuffle 2G 1GB

Yes, I’m a little iPod mad, but they’re amazing little devices, no matter what configuration.

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