Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm 5

Originally uploaded by Daniel Hall – AUS

A storm last Wednesday night gave many opportunities for excellent photos of lightning. I’m fortunate that most storms pass south of where I live before they hit, so I usually have about 10-15 minutes of good lightning before I get rained on. I have never seen a display like this, so I took the poortunity to grab my new 50D and with my 24-105mm lens attached, I started shooting.
I used the back fence as a make shift tripod and rested the camera on a camera bean bag for stability. Using a fast UDMA compact flash card, I set my aperture to around f13 with a shutter speed of aropund 1/4 of a second and starting rattling off photos. The larger buffer of the camera and extra speed of the card gave me around 35 shots of RAW photos at full resolution before the buffer would fill. I managed over 20 photos of lightning, but only around 7 exceptional photos (see

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