Avalon Air Show Photos

After two weeks at Avalon I managed to get a number of, in my own humble opinion, excellent photos of the various aircraft on display at the air show. I have included a couple here to give you a taste of what I manged to capture, but I encourage you to go over to my Flickr site at My Photos.

The time there gave me an opportunity to put my Canon 50D through its paces ready for when I go to the Moto GP in October. Most of the time the 100-400mm f4.5-f.6L didn’t come off the camera. It’s long focal length was perfect for taking shots of aircraft, and it’s quick focus motor allowed me to track the fast movig aircraft. The F16 was put through its paces at least every day, so I managed my of my photos of it, with the Super Hornet coming in closely behind in number of shots taken. I managed plenty of photos of the humongous B1 bomber, and its smaller cousin the F-111, was nice enough to give me a couple dump and burns*.

The air show itself was marred with all variants of weather except snow. We had hot sunny days, cold windy days, wet windy days, hot windy days…. the change was endless, with all types of weather often in the same day! This never deterred the crowds at all, and the punters turned up in the thousands. Food was unbelievably expensive, with a Coke 600ml setting you back a little shy of $7, and a buger, chips and drink hitting the $16.50 mark! Everyone seemed to enjoy the show though. I managed to get a ride in the back of a Caribou before they’re decommissioned later this year, and the Loadmaster was nice enough to open the back ramp for my photographing pleasure while in flight. I walked through the C17 Globemaster, checked out the new Wedgetail AEW&C for the RAAF, and spoke to the USAF Major that was flying the F16 you can see on the left of this article. I was there for work, but I took every opportunity to take in the sights, get a few photos, and try and enjoy the two weeks I had there as much as I could.

*DUMP AND BURN: This is where the F-111 dumps pure AVTUR between the two rear engines, which in turn ignite the fuel in a spectacular display. See the photo below.

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