Honda CBR600RR 2009

CBR600RRThis is the new 2009 model of the Honda CBR600RR, and as of today, it’s now my new bike. I wrangled it from Hawkesbury Honda in Windsor, and went for the colour scheme seen here along with the ABS option. Yes, ABS on a bike! I have only put a meagre 17km on it so far, but it will get plenty of riding soon enough.

Compared to my older 2004 CBR600RR, the ride is quite different in my experience so far. The seat is more comfortable, the riding position is slightly different, but not overly so, and the gearbox is much smoother through the changes. Starting the engine provides a nice smooth sound, and it purrs away like happy tiger. The look is sleek and mean, with a great colour scheme to boot. This model comes with an electronic steering dampener as another change over the 2004 version, and should provide a smooth ride through Western Sydney’s numerous potholed roads.

This new bike is going to give me many years of riding pleasure, and I can’t wait to take it down to Phillip Island for the MotoGP.

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