Honda CBR600RR Jenolan Caves Ride

CBR600RRJenolan CavesThis post is a little overdue, but with preparations for my trip to the US, I didn’t get around to following up my Jenolan Caves ride.

The day started with perfect weather, and three of us met up at a local cafe for a coffee and breakfast before making a move. My counterparts were on a Triumph cruiser and a Suzuki GSXR1000. Traffic was a little heavy heading up Bells Line Road, but was thin enough by the first twisties that I was able to have a little play. I had the utmost confidence going into the 35 and 25 km/h corners, more so than I’ve ever had on the older bike. Taffic got heavy again from there, but we moved past most of it before hitting the smooth ashphalt of Mount Tomah. The brakes were hardly touched at all, as the engine managed to pull me up most of the time once the throttle was released.

The ride down into the caves themselves was a slower affair, with the narrow roads and loose gravel giving me a cautious outlook. At some places there was only enugh room for one car, and I’d hate to round a corner to meet a situation like that at pace. Call me a girly girl, but I didn’t want to write this beautiful machine off in its first real ride, nor did I want to see how far down it was over the edge.

jenolan-caves_lucasThe Jenolan Caves themselves were magnificent, with our tour taking us through the Lucas Cave. We were in there for about an hour, and I’ll have a gallery showcasing this phenomenon once I return from overseas. The ride home was as fantastic as the ride out there. I made a brief stop on the way home to take photos of the scenery and came across three riders on the side of the road. Unfortunately one of them on an Aprilia had a siezed engine, and they were awaiting a tow. I stayed for about 15 minutes chewing the fat and talking bikes before heading off again to catch the other two riders down the road for a coffee.

Once coffees were down (and Graham had finished his $15 pastie), we conducted a fuel check. The GSXR was on reserve, while my bike was about 2/3rds full. I know the Suzuki had about an extra 40kms to ride than me, but that was quite a shock. I worked out that I should be able to get around 400kms out of a tank, a 30% improvement on the 2004 CBR. I’ll know actual mileage once I fill the bike up, but it’s looking pretty bloody good so far.

Writing this has given me the urge to go for a ride, but my bike is holed up in the garage on the other side of the pacific. the wait will just make the ride that much sweeter once I get back home.


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