Apple iPhone 3G S

3G and 3G S boxes side by sideBoxes unpackedToday’s the day us Aussies get the new iPhone 3G S, and while it’s not a huge upgrade, it’s enough for a technogeek like myself to want to have. There were a few dramas getting the phone initially. I needed three forms of identification (apparently driver’s licence and a credit card need to be supplemented with a gas bill before you can have the phone). So a quick, and I mean quick, ride back home to get the relevant papers and I was away. I had to cancel my old plan and buy it out, but Optus was nice enough to give me 20% off to ease the pain. My new plan has a gig of data, plus an additional 200MB used purely for tethering off a laptop for 1.2 giggata gigs of internet goodness.

The unboxing can be seen in these two photos, and I’ve included the iPhone 3G’s box on the right for comparison. Apple really cut down on their packaging size, so good on the for looking after the environment a little, and all that *wanders off for a moment to hug a tree and feel warm and fuzzy*.

Okay, back. So these photos were taken with the iPhone 3G S camera, and allowed me to use the autofocus trickery in all its glory. A quick touch anywhere on the screen will focus the camera there, as well as meter and adjust the shutter speed for that spot. I really hope this feature starts to show up in regular cameras, because it rocks. The low light capability is also much improved, and while grainy, doesn’t look like the dog’s breakfast the old camera used to give.

Another thing I noticed about the new phone is the speed. Yes the ‘S’ stands for speed, and it’s blinding. One of my apps that used to open in around 5 seconds was done in a second! Lag time on the keyboard is gone, and everyone is generally warm and happy in the belly at the groovy new 600 MHz ARM processor tucked away inside (the 3G used a 400 MHz, and the Touch 2G used a 533 MHz). The voice control is another new feature that’s introduced, and why this couldn’t be included in the 3G with the 3.0 update is beyond me. Playlists can be played, callers can be called, and and songs sung, although the voice control will probably complain at your lack of harmony. If you don’t provide enough information, it will ask for you for it. For example, “Call Bill”. It will reply with “Bill Smith or Bill Bloggs”. Replying with “Bill Bloggs” may prompt it to ask for a mobile or home number, and so on. Scrolling past in the pretty blue background are suggested words you can use, so if you’re stuck, just stare blankly at the screen until one shoots past that catches your eye.

My old iPhone was imported effortlessly, including contacts, SMS’s, screen layout and a collection of photos best left to viewing by those old enough to drink rum and not get kicked out of the pub. I did have to re-enter my email passwords, but all the details of the accounts remained, and emails were then redownloaded for my viewing pleasure. The extra capacity was a big plus. On went more music, more podcasts, and more prOn, errr, I mean documentaries. The compass app is nice. It’s compassy, and can point at magnetic or true north. And, erm, that’s about it. You do look like a right prat waving it in a figure 8 through the air calibrating it, or maybe I just look the prat most of the time and this just added to said pratness.

So any questions, queries or doubtful points from the class? No? Then I’m off to bed…. and I may just take this gleaming white bundle of iPhone goodness with me. To listen to music on of course! Perves….

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