Apple MacBook Pro 13″

This week I bought the new MacBook Pro 13 inch from Apple. I wasn’t planning on getting it just yet, but pressure from a certain someone convinced me. So now I have a shiny new unibody aluminium (yes my American friends, the spelling is correct) laptop, I can tell you all about it. Now I’m no Apple fanboi. Yes, I’ve had every iPhone since conception, and I’ve had a good half dozen or so iPods in my life, but I’ve never actually sat down and used a Mac proper. Well, not since the Apple IIe anyway, bless its cotton socks. No, this was my first foray into the world of Mac OSX, that’s version 10 for you Linux and Windows heathenites out there.
So after picking up my rather small white box from JB Hi Fi in Newcastle, I head back home to unpack my new wonder and have a play with its shiny self. The first thing I noticed is how well packaged it all is. No spaces is wasted, no excessive bits of card and fluff. Just a simple and elegant box. The laptop sits first and foremost with a power cable on the right, and discs, manual and power adaptor underneath. I remove the laptop with glee, plug in the MagSafe power connector, and boot up for the first time. A simple setup is involved in creating my user account, and a pretty intro video plays welcoming me in a variety of languages. Once at the desktop, the standard Mac OSX wallpaper greets me with the dock down the bottom. No icons offering free trial software adorn the desktop. Always a good thing in this writer’s opinion.
Mac OSX 10.5 Snow Leopard and Apple iLife come as standard fair. I also added Mac Office 2008, VLC, Peggle and World of Warcraft. That’s it. Everything else is already there: iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie (seeing a pattern here?), iMail (I tell a lie, it’s Mail, but why stop a good thing?), and Garageband. It’s simple, elegant, and pretty intuitive. There are plenty of tuition videos, and the Apple website gives a nice 5 minute video on how to use OSX if you’re a Windows user by trade (that’s me).
Diving into iPhoto I import some of my faves onto the drive and notice how amazing they look. Ice never seen my photos look like this on my Dell 2407 WFP monitor before. They’re so clear and natural looking. I start assigning friends and family tags in the Faces part of iPhoto to keep track of them all. It has a bit ic trouble learning who’s who in the zoo, but generally it can at least identify a face do you can give them a name. It also remebers previous names so you only need to give the first couple of letters and it tries to auto-complete. It’s very addictive, and you have a Pokemon “gotta get ’em all” feel come over you.
So after the first four days of use, I’ve come away with a very positive feeling, happy with my new little MacBook. For those that want the stats, it’s a Core 2 Duo 2.53 GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 9400M and a 250GB HDD, all for $AU1900. Not too bad compared to my old Dell XPS 1210 that was $2800 for half the RAM and hard drive a few years ago.

Written on an iPhone.

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