Saraton Theatre Gets 7.1

Today I had the pleasure of being one of the first to experience Tron in 7.1 audio at a cinema that wasn’t IMAX. Yes, Grafton, my humble little hometown has recently updated the heritage listed Saraton Theatre into the 21st century.
We were told at the start of the movie that the cinema had been just updated to a 7.1 system with a 4k 3D projector for entertainment bliss. The audio was crisp and clear with almost perfectly balanced surround sound, and the picture was sharp and clear 3D. The seats were clean and comfy with a slight recline and plenty of leg room.
This is the sort of cinema that people should travel to, just because it’s so damn awesome. And the price for all this movie-going pleasure? $14 with a Coke and the glasses. $14!! That’s less than a single normal ticket at your rubbish Hoyts or BC&C. The same movie would be over $20 with a drink. Rubbish.
I’m glad they’ve renovated the cinema, and from talking to the staff, they’re very proud of what they’ve achieved. Check it out if you’re in Grafton.


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