Stop Shark Fin Soup

Stop Shark Finning I have just finished watching Gordon Ramsay’s documentary on shark finning called Shark Bait. I highly recommend that anyone out there that has a thought for wildlife take a look at this documentary, and the website It depicts the unabated destruction of sharks in the world’s oceans by the Chinese as they satisfy their demand for shark fin soup. If you didn’t already know, the sharks are prized for their fins, without any thought given to the meat, to be used in a bland soup dish that holds a status amongst the Chinese people.

Gordon campaigns to stop the use of this item in restaurants in London’s Chinatown, and I ask that you only look at the website and refrain from ordering any dish that uses shark fin. If the needless slaughter of sharks doesn’t subside soon, there won’t be any to enjoy in the future. With our eyes, or in a bowl of soup.

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