Supanova Sydney 2014

Stan Lee at Supanova 2014

Stan Lee at Supanova 2014

Photos from the recent Supanova event in Sydney during Jun 2014


New Website

Allons-y PhotosI have started a new website with portfolios and e-commerce set up for my new business, Allons-y Photography. You can view the site at If you have need for a photographer in the Nelson Bay region of Australia, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Twitter: @Allonsyphoto


Google+: Allonsy Photos

Instagram Rant

Well done Instagram on not only being unable to change my password, but logging me out of the app upon my return. My password has now changed and is neither the old or new one, and you don’t recognise Facebook or my email address, only my login name.
But still you’re unable to send out a password reset email, or reset through Facebook.
Maybe I should’ve deleted my account in January when the ToS changed. Well it seems nobody can access my account now, and your limited Help Centre does not gave a point of contact for when the FAQ section is unable to yield results.